In our line of work, we, the team of mobile app developers, came across HoReca market customers who share a kind of problem - the supply of quality food products as well as their range.

The idea emerged to create a mobile platform for rapid interaction between suppliers (producers) and customers. Moreover, initially the project was just developing as a web portal, but it became clear that customers need the products here and now, when there is no computer at hand. We decided to focus exactly on the mobile application.

It resulted in a universal mobile b2b platform, which we decided to call ABWay. It's like from A to B - quick and simple. The main functionality is wholesale and small wholesale buying/selling goods, in particular foodstuff, without the use of desktops and laptops.

"The catch is that if a product is in the catalog, which we deal exclusively with in order to maintain its systematization and prevent duplication, then the seller adds it in seconds to their price list with all the necessary features: price, type of packaging, live photos, etc. If the item is not in the catalog, we will promptly add it."

ABWay.HoReCa is an example of use for the HoReCa market. A mobile phone or tablet is enough to become a seller or a buyer in a few clicks and close a deal.


There is also a "C" side, but as long as it is implemented on the back, then let it remain a mystery.

Not all at once... :)

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